Register as an NDCC amateur competitor to access a wide range of DanceSport competitions in Canada. Our goal is to help create greater opportunities for Canadians to dance without the challenges of trying to determine which authorizing body is involved with each event. As an NDCC amateur competitor you’ll be eligible to compete in all CDF, CDDSC and WDC Amateur events as well as NDCA events in the USA.

Use the secure form below to register online with credit card.

NOTE: NDCC Membership extends for a full year from the date of registration.

IMPORTANT: All new registrations MUST provide proof of age. May be birth certificate, driver’s license, passport or other acceptable government-issued proof of age. You may send a scanned copy via email or a photocopy by physical mail.

Send proof of age to:
NDCC National Registry
c/o NDCC Registrar
2720 des Ormeaux Street
Montreal, QC, Canada
H1L 4X7
Tel.: 514-354-2210

Pre-Competitive: $10
Juvenile (11 and under): $15
Junior (ages 12-15): $35
Adult (age 16 plus): $50
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Please Note: For family registrations under 16 years of age, there is the option to register under a single email address. Please navigate to and scroll to the bottom for additional registrations.  

Amateur Registration

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Note: Your information is confidential and will be exclusively used for communication between you, NDCC and the organizers of competitions that you register with.

If unable to use this form, you may download the registration form, print it out and send the completed form with payment to the address above. Download here